Following is a plan made sometime in late 2007 or early 2008 for me to get all data onto a stable linux hard drive platform. I had at the time, a windows machine (with lots of mp3s, docs, etc), sues mac laptop, old linux hdd’s (movies, songs, data, etc).

Conversion Plan

  • C: (36.7 GB), D: (20 GB), F: (200 GB) “backed up” on them selves
  • C: mirrored to other raptor
  • C:, D:, F: backed up to 320 GB drive
  • backup mac laptop to 320 GB drive
    • separate partition??
    • dont need now, as the laptop is not being gotten rid of
  • -Nagios- Zenoss look into

Transfer Data Plan

  • install fresh 8.04 ubuntu (EVMS)
    • get EVMS to work on it and mount
  • install fresh 8.04 ubuntu (RAID 5) on different HDD
    • research, learn, implement and test SATA RAID 5 with mdadm
  • mount stable RAID 5 to 8.04 ubuntu (EVMS)
    • transfer data on EVMS to RAID 5
  • Bring back RAID 5 to non-EVMS OS
    • do final testing
    • copy over other data (old XP data) (movies on macs)
  • implement -NFS- -SMB- AFP
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