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Yar, be careful here mateys... this be one HUGE hierarchy. Dont be gettin’ lost at sea!

SEARCH, instead: If you need something specific, say ‘windows scripts’, or ‘business blog’, just go use the search up at the top right. Its a really accurate search. Less words gives more results. Ex: ‘business’ instead of ‘business blog’

About Me

I continued grad school, worked for a rad startup, biked over 1500 miles, and had a daughter over the last two years. The future brings new challenges that I look forward to!

I’m Nick Yeates. I currently am a Graduate Student that now has a bad ass job with Open Source leader Red Hat! Wish me luck in selling open source how-to consulting!

I am interested in computers and technology, having a good time in life, family, friends, travel, physical activities, the Internet, and the occasional party!

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