Useful commands

  • yum install subversion
    • Install SVN
  • svn co
    • Check out a piece of code for local copy
  • find . | grep '.svn$' | xargs rm -rf
    diff -r -x "*.pyc" Products $ZENHOME/Products
    • Compare two versions of code
    • One a local copy, the other the official release copy that was checked out (above)
    • I think the find/remove is necessary to remove certain files so the dirs are ready for comparison
  • svn co
    svn log ZenPacks.zenoss.EventForwarder/
    svn update -r6054 ZenPacks.zenoss.EventForwarder/
    • Checkout old version of code
      • Checkout directory of current zenpack
      • See changes or revisions of this directory from the past
      • Change your local version to be that of a former revision
  • zenpack --install=PACK_DIRECTORY -v10 --link
    • install as a zenpack, code in a directory
    • follows onto above example, where zenpack code was d/l’ed
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