The following script gives a listing of all of your existing transforms on your system. The location and code of the transform are listed out for each transform found.

Transforms are code-snippets that can be used to change events and behavior, before the event is entered into the events database. See our administration guide for general information on transforms.

Get the code ready

Method 1: Download code

  • Download the file attached, to your zenoss systems $ZENHOME/bin directory

Method 2: Create code

  • Create a file called in the $ZENHOME/bin directory
  • Insert the python code, from the CODE section below, into the created file

Method 3: Paste in dmd

  • If you are familiar with the zendmd command prompt, and do not care to get a .txt file output
  • Get into the zendmd
  • Copy and Paste the code from the CODE section below
    • You only need the code starting with the for loop

Run the script

Method 1 and 2: Run from command line

  • Run the following from the directory where the file is located: > transforms.txt

Method 3: execute in dmd

  • Simply hit enter twice


#!/usr/bin/env python
import Globals
from Products.ZenUtils.ZenScriptBase import ZenScriptBase
dmd = ZenScriptBase(connect=True).dmd
for ec in dmd.Events.getSubOrganizers():
    if ec.transform:
        print "=== %s ===" % ec.getOrganizerName()
        print ec.transform
    for i in ec.instances():
        if i.transform:
            print "=== %s/%s ===" % (ec.getOrganizerName(),
            print i.transform
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