Quotes and Wackiness

“You just blew my balls!” - Simon

“Stop! stop! oh too late, Im getting an innie.” - Simon

“Basically all computer programs are eating and pooping machines.” - Chet

“We are pushing for hacking in the nude” - Simon

“I really need to go back and review my networking stuff... TCP/IP Illustrated, Swimsuit issue.” -Rusty and Chet

“I just spent my weekend in wet Intercourse, PA” - Rusty

“I love colons!” - Chris

“zenmigrate –help
it’s fun!” - Simon

Nick Yeates:
topless(1)                                                                         topless(1)

      topless - inappropriately exposes secret kernel calls; not appropriate for public viewing

Russell Briggs:
no way...
Chris Parlette
tell me you just typed "man topless" in your terminal
Russell Briggs
no, dont tell him that"
I'm sorry i didn't get back to you on this one in a timely manner. 
we dont want you guys to have a stable zenoss install and will work with you to achieve that.

I'm closing this ticket now - please create new ones as needed.


‘Now’ is not ‘now’, its nownow. - Chris

“Go pink, or go home!” (In reference to Kevins pink shirt) - Rusty

“So do we have a gay appliance?” “What are you talking about...” “Well we have the ‘applianceincloset’... if its in the closet, it must be gay!” - Simon and Rusty

“I wish I were a better harasser” - Chet

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