Make sure you have:

  1. svn
  2. java
  3. xsltproc
  4. styling info??
  5. fop

Download the files from these locations

Install Docbook XSL Stylesheet Stuff

1. Extract the stylesheets stuff someplace.

 I'll refer to this location as DBXSL

2. Extract the syntax hightling stuff, and copy

 the XML files into $DBXSL/highlighting

3. Copy the xslthl-2.0.1.jar file into $DBXSL/extensions

4. Store the XSL files I give you into a completely different directory.

 ie if we can, drop them into subversion

5. Edit these XSL files to point to the $DBXSL paths

6. Edit the shell script that I give you to point to the $DBXSL paths

7. Run the shell script that I give you to generate the HTML output.

 This should be ready to go

Set up the XSL-FO to Fop environment

1. Extract the fop stuff to a different directory

 I'll refer to this directory as FOP

2. Extract the FOP hyphenation dictionary into $FOP

Configure XSL processors

1. Ensure that you have the path to Sun’s Java 1.4

2. Extract xalan

3. Extract xerces

4. Add the cover page graphic to somewhere

5. Modify the shell script I give you to point to those places

6. Run the shell script

7. Debug

From Kells

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