Mount drives in Ubuntu with EVMS

EVMS not supported by Ubuntu anymore

They say that it has been unmaintained for more than a 1.5 years now, and interferes with the 2.6 kernel. Best I start looking for another solution. mdadm here i come :-/

Deprecated instructions

Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) mounts harddrives and disk storage space in Linux in advanced and flexible ways. See its website and user guide for details.

In Ubuntu, I originally had to use its auto-installer to find and install EVMS binaries. I traditionally have used the EVMS ncurses interface, which is a text user interface.

  • sudo evmsn or sudo evmsgui
  • find needed logical volume
    • /dev/evms/lvm2/Media/Car...
  • hit Enter to get menu options
  • choose Mount...
  • enter directory where you want the volume to mount
    • /media/documents
    • this was retrieved from the end of my custom samba configuration file smb.conf
      • sudo nano -w /etc/samba/smb.conf

FIXME I need to automate this mount on startup, possibly by learning how to do the mount through EVMS in Command Line Interface, and then putting that into the fstab file.

Connect manually from a mac

  • Ctrl+K in finder
  • smb://lms
    • MSHOME
    • nyeates1
    • password

udevd && EVMS issue

  • udevd process was gobbling 50% CPU and disk thrashing from writing to log files constantly
    • Following command to stop udev / udevd
      • sudo udevd stop
      • sudo /etc/init.d/udev stop
    • If that didnt work, I ungracefully ‘killed’ the process
      • top
        sudo kill 25293
    • Add the following lines to configuration file /etc/evms.conf on the sysfs_devices.exclude section. Per directions on evms sourceforge link above.
      •         # This line will exclude some disks that are alread being used  
                # by the root OS. There is a problem with both the kernel and
                # EVMS trying to get to the same disks. See the following link:
                # exclude = [ hda sda ]
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