General info on unix and assorted other systems backups procedures.

FIXME add info from other references to backups throughout my wiki

Aging backup files

find /backups/ -mtime +30 -delete               ; Age backup files; Delete backups older than 30 days

FIXME is there a way to “age” by size/disk-space-quota in directory?

Rapid Backup

Following script backs up every hour and deletes backups older than 6 hours (720 mins). Very useful for RAM Disks, where the data on them is not persistent. This came from Simon.

#this script creates backups and also handles cleanups
#it is used to take care of the ramdisk
#directory for the backups
#create backup filename so we don't conflict
FILENAME=${BLOC}'rapidBackup.'`date +%F-%H-%M`'.tgz'
/opt/zenoss/bin/zenbackup --no-eventsdb --no-perfdata --temp-dir=/apps/zenoss/backups_tmp --file=${FILENAME} 
#delete all backups older than 6h
find ${BLOC} -mmin +720 -delete
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