From notes by ?? at CPOSC ‘09 conference


tcpdump -i -c 25
  • -i interface
  • -c 25 get 25 packets
tcpdump host adam and not src eve
  • host name is adam; sender or receiver has name adam
  • source of the packet is eve; specifying sender should be eve
tcpdump -n host adam or eve and port 80 and vlan 1
  • dont know name; shows u IP addresses
tcpdump -F filename host adam
  • open existing file that was exported to and then filter those results

use screen to see tcpdump stuff going in on one screen, and out on another screen


replaces ifconfig, route, iptunnel

sudo apt-get install iproute
  • not installed by default

Managing routes

ip addr add dev eth0
  • ??
ip addr add label eth0:1 dev eth0
  • virtual NIC; allows multiple IP addresses on single network card; network card on top network card
ip addr del
ip route show
ip route sh table main
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