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Once openAFS is installed, CellServDB file is updated, use this to authenticate:

klog nyeates1 -password <user password>

Spotlight quirkiness fixes

Solution #1: Kill SystemUIServer

  • Launch ‘Activity Monitor’ (located in /Applications/Utilities/)
  • Locate the process ‘SystemUIServer’, highlight it, and click the red button “Quit Process”
  • Within a few seconds the menubar will rebuild itself and often Spotlight will magically work

Solution #2: Rebuild the Spotlight Index manually

  • Launch ‘Terminal’ (located in /Applications/Utilities/)
  • At the command prompt, type this exactly: sudo mdutil -E /
  • You will be asked for your password, provide it, as this command requires administrator privelages to run
  • You will receive a confirmation message saying that index will be rebuilt
  • Wait until index is finished rebuilding, this can take a while depending on the size of your hard drive, amount of files, etc.
  • Note: You can also rebuild the Spotlight index with MainMenu, mentioned in Solution #4
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