Contract Tips

From talks with Andrew Garrahan

  1. Time Estimate
    • estimate time needed, then add a “pad” of 20-40% to be safe
    • clients want to hear an estimate, because they rely on you as the ‘expert’
    • factor in learning/research, unexpected problems, etc
  2. Getting Paid
    • charge $40 / hr (2/20/08); that is what Andrew gets now
    • if you charge too low, companies may view this as not professional or like you do not know what you are doing
    • Gov’t starts contractual work at $50 / hr
  3. Warranty of Work
    • Try to sell “as-is”
    • allow client a final check-off or sign-off
      • once this is completed, client agrees project is completed
      • no implied service contract
        • complimentary 1-2 weeks of warranty for assistance that is obviously in-scope, related to the original project, and unarguably caused by changes I made
  4. Good Clients
    • be sure to choose good client
    • you want to work with good, honest people who wont cause hassles and will provide repeat work

Lessons Learned

  1. Check communications (cell, email) frequently after any sizable change. Proactively communicate with users and/or superior when the first real-life load on a new system takes place.
    • My cell phone unknowingly turned off and I missed a situation where users were not able to login because of license issues on the new server
  2. Define in contract, very clearly, during AND after the project, what may be defined as work outside of the contract.
    • Allow client to know that work outside of the contract will be charged fee.
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